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Sales policy

Sales policy

According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, Kuncreat's after-sales processing clauses are implemented as follows:

From the date the product is sold (subject to the date of receipt)

problem appearEnjoy rights
Within 7 daysIf the performance guarantee stipulated by the national three packs in China occurs, the failure shall be confirmed by the manufacturer's designated or special maintenance point.Return, exchange or free warranty
From the 8th to the 15th dayExchange or free warranty
16th day to the warranty periodFree warranty

All warranty regulations are based on the (China) National "Three Guarantees Regulations". If there is any conflict between this instruction and the "Three Guarantees Regulations", the "Three Guarantees Regulations" shall prevail.

Those falling under one of the following circumstances are not included in the relevant national "Three Guarantees Regulations":

1、Exceeding the validity period of the three packs;
2、Failure to use, maintain, and store the product in accordance with the requirements for use, causing damage;
3、Damage caused by disassembly by a repairer who is not responsible for the three guarantees (that is, not designated by the manufacturer or a special repair point);
4、There is no valid three guarantee certificate and valid invoice;
5、Altering the three guarantee certificate without authorization;
6、The product model or serial number on the Three Guarantees certificate does not match the actual product;
7、Damage caused by force majeure;
8、Non-product quality issues, such as compatibility issues, dissatisfaction with color, appearance, shape, etc.;
9、Product issues are outside the scope of relevant national laws and regulations.

After-sales rules

1、Kuncreat strictly abides by the national "Three Guarantees" regulations (China), and fulfills the obligations of returning, replacing and repairing the goods sold. Ruileigh promises that the region in China meets the following conditions. Due to quality problems, the purchased goods can be returned within 7 days from the date of sale (subject to the actual date of receipt), exchanged within 15 days, and free of charge from 15 days to the warranty period service. Customers can contact the customer service mailbox Service@kuncreat.com or get help through the "sales and support" of Kuncreat-official website, or through the "contact us" service phone or fill in the feedback information and follow the guidelines to enjoy after-sales service.
        1)Functional failures or product quality problems specified by Chinese law shall be tested and confirmed by the manufacturer's designated or special after-sales service center, and a test report shall be issued (if the after-sales service center cannot provide a test report, a product test or trouble ticket shall be provided);
        2)The outer packaging of the product is complete and undamaged, and the product and its standard accessories, gifts (if there are gifts at the time of purchase), instructions, warranty certificates and invoices are complete;
        3)Loss and missing items due to logistics reasons;
        4)The received product does not match the product description (except for the color difference within the normal range of the product or the replacement of the outer packaging due to the replacement of the product).
2、If some of the products in the set of goods (including gifts) have quality problems, the set of goods must be provided when handling the return.
3、7-day no-reason return policy (China only)
If the product does not have any quality problems, within 7 days from the date you actually receive the product (subject to the date of receipt by the customer), you can enjoy an unreasonable return if the return shipping fee is borne by you. Kuncreat sells all brand-new products. According to Chinese laws and regulations and the nature of the products, the following products are not applicable to 7-day unreasonable return:
        1) Personal customization and customized products; 
        2) Personal care, personal products, such as family planning supplies, cosmetics, underwear, tights, etc;
        3) Special products such as gifts, samples, defective products, and cleared products;
        4) Goods or services for which points are redeemed;
        5) Other products that are not suitable for return based on the nature of the product, and you have confirmed that it is not suitable for return at the time of purchase.

According to Chinese laws and regulations, goods returned by consumers without reason within 7 days should be in good condition. The following circumstances are deemed to affect the secondary sales, and no reason to return without participating in 7 days:
        1)The original packaging of the product is damaged or incomplete;
        2)Commodity contamination or damage;
        3)Commodity gifts, accessories, etc. are missing;
        4)Clothing, shoes and hats have been washed or the tags have been removed;
        5)Other situations that do not meet the conditions of'good product'.

Special note, the following circumstances will not be processed for return

1)Any product (serial number does not match) or service that is not sold by Kuncreat-Official website or official other sales channels; (please contact your purchase channel for after-sales service) All sales products shipped correspond to the corresponding storage serial number;
2)Goods for which an invoice has been issued and the invoice has not been returned when returning;
3)Out-of-warranty goods (commodities that exceed the warranty period of three guarantees);
4)Unable to provide warranty card or other three-guarantee certificate or the information of the three-guarantee certificate is inconsistent with the product and has been altered;
6)Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid intake, accidents, alterations, and incorrect installation, or tearing up or altering labels, machine serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks;
7)Other goods that should not be returned according to law.


After-sales internal process

Kuncreat processes all returned items in accordance with the following procedures:

1、A refund

Kuncreat will check the product upon receipt and process the refund, which is expected to be completed within 5 working days.

Contact online customer service


Return the product after approval
Kuncreat will check the return
The payment was refunded to the original payment account


If the replacement product is in stock, it is expected to be delivered within 1-3 working days; If the replacement product is not in stock, the sales representative will communicate with you and confirm the replacement delivery date.

Contact online customer service


Return the product after approval
Kuncreat will check the return
Send out replacement products

3、Repair (within warranty)

Most products within the warranty period (except consumables) can enjoy free repair service. Kuncreat will repair the product after a number of tests to ensure that the correct before shipping.

Contact online customer service


Contact online customer service
Kuncreat will check the return
Delivery after maintenance and testing

For refunds or returned products, an application must be submitted within 15 days of the delivery date; For maintenance products, you must submit an application within the warranty period to enjoy free maintenance services. If the warranty period is exceeded, Kuncreat will charge the repair fee according to the actual situation.

Kuncreat returns must be under warranty to qualify for Kuncreat returns. To learn more about return and replacement policies and warranty periods, visit Kuncreat After-sales Service.

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